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Celebrating Halloween with the Kids After a Divorce

October is here, which means Halloween is just on the horizon. Between trick-or-treating and donning the costume of their dreams, many children look forward to this holiday all year. If you recently divorced your spouse, however, celebrating this holiday will come with some unique challenges this fall. Continue reading for some tips on how to get through this spooky day in the aftermath of a divorce.

How to Celebrate Halloween as Divorced Parents

When you were married, you and your spouse probably celebrated Halloween with your children together. If you managed to remain on relatively good terms with your ex throughout the divorce process, this idea may still work and you could still consider taking the children out to trick-or-treat together. Even if there is still a little bit of remaining tension, chances are you will both be so busy chaperoning your children and ensuring their safety that there will be little room for conflict.

Here are some additional tips and solutions:

  • Alternate: If you are not at a stage in your post-divorce co-parenting relationship where you can celebrate Halloween with your ex, consider alternating the holiday, so that you will both have a chance to embrace this holiday with the kids.
  • Plan other seasonal activities: During the years when you cannot spend Halloween with your children, consider planning other seasonal activities. For example, you can take them to a pumpkin patch, visit a haunted house, or watch age-appropriate scary movies.
  • Trick-or-treat separately: If you and your spouse live close enough to make this option practical, you may both be able to take the children out to trick-or-treat separately on Halloween. Your children will get double the candy and both parents will get some quality time with them.

If Halloween is not an important holiday to you, consider letting your ex have this day with the children in exchange for another one you prefer.

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