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Parallel Parenting After a Contentious Divorce

It is no surprise that divorce can often stir a lot of conflict. Unfortunately, the resulting tension and hostility do not go away once the process is finalized and, if you have children, this can make co-parenting a difficult task. Instead, to create a better environment for their children, divorced parents may opt for parallel parenting as an alternative. Continue reading to learn more about parallel parenting after a high-conflict divorce.

Understanding Parallel Parenting

Parallel parenting is a form of parenting that calls for minimal contact between parents to avoid situations that may lead to intense conflicts that would ultimately harm the children. That said, parallel parenting does not necessarily mean parents will cease to have contact. Before engaging in this form of parenting, both parties must agree on how to handle all issues pertaining to how their children will be raised. Doing so will ensure little need for frequent discussions and collaboration in the future. In cases where emergencies may arise, however, parents will likely have to interact with one another to achieve a resolution.

Parallel parenting should not impact your relationship with the children. It is designed to keep parents away from each other rather than from their children. Moreover, this does not have to be a permanent arrangement. In many cases, some of the problems and lingering feelings of resentment that led to a tense and dysfunctional relationship between parents fade away over time, making it possible for parents to switch to a more collaborative approach.

Below is a list of items you should consider including in your parallel parenting plan:

  • Specific locations where you will drop off and pick up the kids.
  • Start and end times for visitation.
  • Days when visitation will take place.
  • How to address any potential disputes that may arise.

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