How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced?

Every divorce is as unique as the individuals involved and the problems that drove them to split. Therefore, it is hard to say just how long the process should take. Some divorces are simpler and do not involve any children. Others involve children and a substantial amount of assets. Depending on the details of your situation and even the temperaments of both you and your spouse, the process may get drawn out. Continue reading to find out how long your divorce may take to get finalized.

Finalizing Your Divorce

Technically, there is no waiting period to get a divorce in New York, assuming you meet its residency requirements. However, if you are filing for a fault-based divorce, depending on the legal grounds, you may have to wait a certain period of time before you can move forward.

Below is a list of some of the factors that may impact the speed of your divorce:

  • Contested versus uncontested: If your divorce is contested and you and your spouse cannot agree on any of the key issues that need to be resolved, it can substantially lengthen the process. On the other hand, if your divorce is uncontested, the process will be relatively quick.
  • Fault versus no-fault: New York offers both fault and no-fault divorce, the latter of which requires far less time. If you have a particular interest in moving this process along, you may want to go with a no-fault divorce.
  • You were already legally separated: If you and your spouse are already legally separated and you are simply taking the next step in ending your marriage, you will have already resolved all the key issues that are necessary to finalize this process. Therefore, it will be a substantially shorter experience for you.
  • Your method of dispute resolution: You do not have to go to court to end your marriage, even if you still have a lot of contested issues to work on. If you and your spouse are willing to negotiate the terms of your divorce, another method, such as mediation or collaborative divorce, may be more appropriate and allow you to achieve a speedier resolution.

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