Why You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

People often think of prenuptial agreements as tools for the rich or an indication that future spouses lack faith in the strength of their marriage. However, neither of these myths are true. Even if you are not rich and famous, you can benefit from creating a prenuptial agreement. The divorce process can be messy no matter who you are and, even if you do not have much more than a bank account and retirement assets to your name, you likely have an interest in protecting them if the future does not go as planned.

Creating a prenuptial agreement does not mean you believe your marriage will fail. That said, no one can predict the future, so it is essential to be planned for anything, even the worst-case scenario.

The Benefits of Creating a Prenuptial Agreement

When couples collaborate on a prenuptial agreement, they learn a lot about what is most important to one another. The process itself can strengthen the bond between partners and create much-needed transparency regarding their respective finances. Considering that money is often a big strain on a marriage, creating a prenuptial agreement may also help nip some of these issues in the bud before they have time to grow.

Here are some additional benefits for you to consider:

  • If you get divorced, the process will go a lot more smoothly since you will have already addressed property and asset division in your prenuptial agreement. As a result, you will spare yourselves a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration.
  • If you have children from a previous relationship, you can protect their inheritance in your prenuptial agreement.
  • In some cases, partners enter a marriage with substantial debts. If you want to ensure no one ends up saddled with debt they should not be responsible for, a prenuptial agreement can achieve this.

You may never have to use your prenuptial agreement, but knowing that it exists can give you and your spouse peace of mind.

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