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Signs Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

Marriage is not always easy, but not every bump in the road means it is time for a divorce. Although you must make this choice on your own, there are some signs you can observe in your marriage that may indicate you have reached a point of no return.

Noticing the Red Flags in Your Marriage

One of the biggest questions you should ask yourself is if you are happy in your marriage. You are bound to unhappy occasionally and not everything is always sunshine and rainbows, but if you are displeased most of the time, this is a big red flag that your marriage may not be working.

Moreover, if you have already tried to save your marriage by going to counseling or therapy with your spouse, but cannot seem to remedy the problems in your relationship, you might not be able to move past this obstacle.

Here are some other red flags you should watch out for:

  • Your interactions with your spouse are consistently unpleasant and you frequently argue. Disagreements are natural, but anger should not dominate your marriage.
  • You do not look forward to spending time with your spouse and, instead, you look for ways to avoid spending time together. Everyone needs alone time, but it is never a good sign if you are constantly trying to escape your marriage.
  • If your friends and family are overwhelmingly against your marriage and urge you to end it, listen to their concerns. It can be difficult to recognize when you are in a toxic relationship, but those closest to us can often see it.
  • Marriage is about far more than sex, but that does not mean physical intimacy has no value in a relationship. If you and your spouse no longer have sex, this may be a symptom of a bigger problem in your marriage.
  • No one stays the same forever, but if you and your spouse only grew apart throughout the years of your marriage instead of growing together, this may be time to call it quits.

Divorce is a major decision that will profoundly impact your life, but if you are no longer happy in your marriage or observed many of these red flags in your relationship, it may be best to make this life-changing decision.

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