Why You Should Create Consistent Routines for Kids After Divorce

After a divorce, it is crucial for parents to create consistent routines for their children. Establishing rules and routines can help reduce their anxiety and help them feel more secure during what may feel like an uncertain time. We put together some tips on how to collaborate with your co-parent to foster a stable and loving environment your children can rely on.

The Importance of Creating a Stable Environment After a Divorce

Oftentimes, after a divorce, children feel a lack of confidence in the future, which can worsen over time. Routines and rules that are predictable will help them develop a sense of safety. However, this can be difficult to establish in two separate households, so it is essential for you and your co-parent to set some time aside and discuss how to effectively accomplish this task.

Here are some tips on how to establish consistent rules and routines for your kids:

  • Ask each other which issues are most important to you and which issues you are willing to be flexible on.
  • Discuss what the rewards and consequences should be for following or disobeying the rules.
  • Agree on how you wish to communicate these rules and routines for your kids.
  • Consider the benefits and pitfalls of your approach.

You and your co-parent may have to revisit this matter, so you should both be willing and open to discussing these issues again. Home is where your children will develop healthy behaviors and learn to understand the concept of boundaries, consequences, and rewards, so it is important that you do your best to create a safe environment to grow.

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