Should I Talk to My Boss About My Divorce?

Getting a divorce is a major life-altering decision that will ultimately impact numerous areas of your life, including your professional life. Although you are not required to discuss this deeply personal matter with your boss, it is often recommended. Your divorce may impact your ability to manage your usual workload or, at the very least, it will affect your schedule. Having a conversation with your boss about your divorce will make your professional life easier, but it is also important not to get too confessional.

Professionally Discussing Your Divorce with Your Boss

Although it is helpful to discuss your divorce with your boss, it is also crucial to keep it professional. Divorce is undoubtedly a very personal topic, but that does not mean you should overshare the details of what went wrong with your marriage during this conversation.

Here are some tips on how to handle yourself while talking to your boss about your divorce:

  • Focus the conversation on how the divorce may impact your work. If you think you need to lighten your workload or if you know of any upcoming court dates that may impact your schedule, share this information and be honest about it.
  • Let your boss know what to expect. If your divorce is particularly acrimonious or difficult, you can admit this without divulging too many details. Your boss may extend a little extra understanding and compassion for your situation.
  • You will also have to update some paperwork, including your tax information and healthcare information. You may either have to direct this question to your boss or human resources.

Lastly, it is important not to slack off at work. Although this is a challenging time for you, you still have to perform your job and meet certain expectations, so try not to take advantage of the situation.

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