Dating After a Divorce

Even if your marriage was not particularly long, parting from the person you hoped to spend your life with can be difficult to cope with and dating may seem like a daunting prospect. However, you will likely start dating eventually and, when you do, it is important to take it slow.

How to Start Dating

No one but you can know for sure if you are ready to date and, ultimately, there is no right way to do it. That said, it is best if you take some time to emotionally process your divorce and properly grieve. The more thoroughly you work through these feelings, the more open you will be to someone new.

Here are some additional tips that can help you start this new chapter in your life:

  • Before you start dating, ask yourself why you want to date again. If you feel pressured by others to move on or you are dating to avoid processing your feelings about your divorce, you may want to take a step back and rethink things.
  • Setting reasonable expectations is essential for when you reenter the dating pool. Do not try to compare your dates to your ex and do not assume that your new relationship will not present its own unique challenges.
  • Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when dating, but it is more important to be honest. You will want to find someone who shares your values and appreciates you for who you are and that is simply impossible if you are not honest about your past and who you are.
  • If you have children, do not be in a rush to introduce the new person in your life to them. You may feel very excited about your new relationship, but you might not know yet if this person is in it for the long haul. Take your time and go slow. If the relationship is meant to last, you will have plenty of time for introductions.

Most of all, trust your gut and do not be afraid to cut things off with someone if you are sensing that something is not right.

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