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Can I Still Use Social Media During My Divorce?

If you are like most people all over the globe, you probably have one or more social media accounts on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. While social media is a fun way to share, stay connected, and even make new friends, continuing to use it can be damaging during a divorce. However, not everyone can simply cut social media cold turkey, especially if they use it to network for work. If this applies to you, we have some tips on how to proceed with caution.

Social Media and Divorce

Generally, it is best for divorcing spouses to stay off social media until after the process is finalized. That is not always possible or desirable for some, so we have some tips on how you can continue to use it carefully and thoughtfully.

  • Change your passwords: It is not uncommon for spouses to have access to each other’s accounts, so if this is the case for you, be sure to change your passwords to prevent your spouse from accessing your accounts.
  • Do not vent about your spouse: Even if everything you are posting about your spouse is true, venting about your spouse in a social media post is not a good look during a divorce and it can potentially affect you in court. It is natural to want to vent, especially since this is an emotional time, but just make sure you do it in person with a close friend over dinner and some wine.
  • Be thoughtful about the photos you post: Photos can be very damaging even if they appear to be totally innocent, so try to be thoughtful about what you post and the impact it could have. Would you want the photo you are sharing to end up in court? If you are unsure, play it safe, and do not share it on social media.

If you can avoid using social media, or minimize your usage, this would be the best option for you. Otherwise, be careful about what you post and always think things through.

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