How Does Supervised Visitation Work?

There are some circumstances in which family courts may believe that supervised visitation is necessary if a child’s safety or wellbeing are at risk. Supervised visitation allows a parent-child relationship to remain supported while also ensuring the child is safe during the time spent together. Continue reading to learn more about supervised visitation.

About Supervised Visitation

Generally, supervised visitation is a temporary arrangement that can ultimately evolve into unsupervised visitation if the parent meets certain requirements. For example, the court may require the noncustodial parent to have at least 6 months of clean drug tests, in addition to anger management classes or counseling, before awarding unsupervised visits.

Below are some of the circumstances in which the court may require supervised visitation:

  • The parent was emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive toward the child
  • The parent was emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive toward the other parent
  • The parent struggles with substance abuse
  • The parent neglects the child
  • The parent has an uncontrolled mental illness that is potentially harmful to the child
  • The parent was not present in the child’s life and now desires a relationship
  • There are other factors that may pose a risk or danger to the child

If supervised visitations are ordered, a monitor will be present during visits, which may take place in a designated facility. The monitor may be a social worker or the judge may permit a relative, friend, or acquaintance to fulfill this role. If the monitor is someone you know, consider the trustworthiness of the selected individual.

If supervised visitations are part of your parenting plan, the language must be as specific as possible, so be sure to hire an experienced attorney to assist you with your case.

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