Restraining Order

How to Obtain an Order of Protection

An order of protection, which is sometimes referred to as a restraining order, is designed to make one person stay away from another person, including their work, home, and school. The order may also prohibit other forms of contact, such as phone calls, emails, or texts. If you or your children are being subjected to violence, sexual abuse, stalking, other criminal acts, or the threat of any of these criminal acts, you may be able to obtain an order of protection.

Obtaining an Order of Protection

To obtain an order of protection, you must have a specific type of relationship with the individual in question. For example, you may be married, have a child together, be related by blood or marriage, or have a current or former intimate relationship with the person you are seeking the order of protection against. Upon filing your petition in family court, a temporary order of protection may be ordered, even if you have yet to prove that the person broke the law.

A temporary order of protection typically expires before the case is closed and it may be renewed as the case moves forward. If a permanent order of protection is ordered, it will likely last for one year. However, in some cases, it may last for up to 5 years, depending on the circumstances of your case. If you still believe your safety is at risk before the order expires, you can petition the court to have it extended, which may be granted if a judge believes there is a good reason for it.

If you share children with the individual, family court may make some exceptions to allow supervised visitation with the child.

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