Can I Relocate with My Children After Divorce?

A lot can change after a divorce. You may need to pursue educational opportunities, find a new job, or move to be closer to family and a stronger support network. If you have children, relocating can complicate matters, especially if you wish to move too far a distance for your child custody order to remain practical.

If you are on friendly terms with your former spouse, you may be able to negotiate a modification of your child custody order. Even if you can agree, however, you will still need the approval of a judge to ensure it is in the best interests of the children.

Moving with Your Children

Family courts believe in stability and consistency when it comes to children. If you and your former spouse cannot reach an agreement regarding a modified child custody order, you will have to petition the court before you can relocate with them. When determining whether to grant this request, a judge will consider several factors, especially the motive of the moving parent.

Here are some circumstances in which your request to relocate with your children may be approved:

  • You are moving to get remarried, resulting in more support, a better home, a stronger family unit, and an overall positive change for your children. Getting remarried cannot be the only reason you provide for your relocation.
  • You are moving to create a more stable financial situation for your family. For example, you are pursuing a new job that provides better pay and benefits.
  • You are moving to be closer to family who will be able to assist and support you. You should also elaborate if your children have close ties to their extended family.

In addition to providing a sufficient reason as to why a move is for the best, you should also present a parenting plan that will allow your children to continue to maintain a relationship with their other parent.

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