How Do I Talk to My Fiancé About a Prenuptial Agreement?

For many, discussing a prenuptial agreement is a challenge, given some of the negative perceptions people have of this crucial legal document. A prenuptial agreement does not mean you distrust your future spouse or that you believe the marriage will fail, however. Instead, it is a safety net for both parties. You might never need your prenuptial agreement, but you will rest easier knowing that your assets are protected.

Understandably, asking your fiancé about a prenuptial agreement is no easy feat, which is why we compiled a list of tips on how to tactfully discuss it.

Discussing a Prenuptial Agreement

If having a prenuptial agreement is important to you, make sure you give your fiancé plenty of time to consider it. Therefore, you should plan to have this conversation as early as possible. Do not spring this idea on your partner at the last minute, putting him or her in a difficult position. The more time you have, the more thoughtfully you can discuss the benefits of having a prenuptial agreement and what you wish to include in it.

Be considerate of your partner’s feelings and willing to have a constructive conversation. Moreover, ask yourself if this is a dealbreaker for your relationship. Understanding your wants and needs will help you make the right decisions for your future.

Here are some helpful tips on how to have this conversation with your fiancé:

  1. Expect that the conversation will be heavy: When discussing a prenuptial agreement, partners will undoubtedly talk about their future, which is an inherently heavy topic. Instead of shying away from it or downplaying its importance, prepare yourself for it, so you can communicate honestly and openly with respect for your partner.
  1. Emphasize that a prenuptial agreement is for both of you: Your prenuptial agreement will provide protection for both you and your partner if you get a divorce. In addition to protecting your assets, it will also shorten the divorce process, which will save both of you time and money.
  1. You can create it together: Since you will both benefit from it, let your spouse know that you can and should create it together. Doing so will also help your fiancé feel more secure about the future.
  1. You will learn more about what is important to one another: When you go through the process of creating your prenuptial agreement together, you will learn more about what is important to one another, which can help strengthen your bond as a couple.

Throughout the conversation, be sure to reassure your fiancé that creating a prenuptial agreement is about protecting both of you from a worst-case scenario and not about believing that your marriage will fail. After all, none of us know what the future holds.

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