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The Law Office of Tzvi Y. Hagler, P.C is well versed in executing the highly complicated issues very smoothly. Our Nassau County Attorneys are fully capable of handling every kind of situations and without any doubt in your mind you can rely on us. Main areas in which our attorneys are fully trained are Divorce and Family Law, Personal injury law as well as issues related to the drafting and probating of wills, property, etc. For further details please have a look below so if you need any assistance related to an issue in Nassau you can contact us.


Divorce and family law Nassau County Attorneys

At different aspects of life we experience various emotions which automatically brings stress and no one can escapes from these emotions. So our family or divorce lawyers firstly provide you Divorce meditation to make you feel comfortable.

With the help of Nassau County lawyers you can easily get rid of your cheating partner because our lawyers are highly professional people and have optimal experience to deal with tough situations.

Other issues that many clients face during the Divorce is related to child custody and such cases are sensibly handled by our lawyers. If you are also facing any of these issues, then feel free to call our Divorce and family law Nassau lawyers for any assistance.


Personal injury law Nassau County Attorneys

Personal injury lawyers at Nassau County Attorneys are always there to provide assistance to clients and we are well versed in handling all types of Personal injury issues which include Motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, products liability, maritime injuries, drug liability, medical malpractice, catastrophic injuries, poor faith insurance practices, social security disability, nursing home injuries, premises liability, wrongful death etc.

Our lawyers are well experienced in their work and are capable in resolving complex cases in an easy way. If you are having issue related to compensation then our team of experts can help you claim the money in a very simple and quick way.

We have been hard at work for our clients and now we are able to achieve an esteemed position in our field. Our clients give us positive feedback which boosts all the employees of Nassau County Attorneys to find new ways to make our clients happy.


Wills and Property

Death is a part of the natural cycle of life which everyone must face. A Will is a legal document which can be organized in certain ways for a myriad of reasons, for example, for the guardianship of children or simply to provide financial security for the loved ones. A properly drafted Will and Estate Plan can held avoid large tax payments and preserve your assets.  It creates emotional tensions between close family members and sometimes close friends too if these details are not figured out. Our lawyers are extremely professional and have a huge experience in creating various wills, trusts, and property papers for clients. We suggest most of our clients to create their wills as early as they can.

Benefits of choosing us:

  • Concern about your family members
  • No delays in solving your issues
  • You are free to choose a person who will take charge after you
  • Our Nassau lawyers are highly professional

If you are still having some doubt in your mind regarding the working of Nassau lawyers, you can call us immediately for further assistance about any issues related to Divorce and Family Law, Personal injury law, as well as Drafting or Probating of Wills.