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At the Law Office of Tzvi Y. Hagler, P.C. we have the optimal experience of handling even the most intricate legal issues properly. If you are looking for professional and experienced attorney Long Island, you can fully rely upon us. Divorce and family law, personal injury law, along with wills, trusts, & estates are crucial sectors in which our attorneys specialized in. Let’s have a look at all three sectors carefully so that you can utilize our services in Long Island during your needful times.


Divorce and family law attorney Long Island

Divorce is often involved with intense stress and volatile emotions. Divorce mediation is a first step a professional divorce and family lawyer takes. Our divorce and family Long Island lawyer at Tzvi Y. Hagler Law firm specializes in providing quick and expert resolution in the most effectual manner.

From child custody to even child support, we work on vital cases that are taken with utmost responsibility and care only at our Long Island law office. If you too are troubled or facing constraints in obtaining justice, call our divorce and family law attorney Long Island now.


Personal injury law Long Island lawyer

Our personal injury lawyers are professional and experienced enough to handle almost all kinds of personal injury cases in the most effectual manner. Motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, products liability, maritime injuries, drug liability, medical malpractice, catastrophic injuries, poor faith insurance practices, social security disability, nursing home injuries, premises liability, wrongful death etc are few areas in which our lawyers can provide expert assistance.

We fully understand the complexities involved in personal injury cases. For that reason, our personal injury lawyer Long Island is always there to help you in almost all kinds of situations professionally. Our attorneys have the necessary skills and expertise to identify responsible parties quickly. Therefore, they initiate the essential process to claim the compensation in the most rapid manner.

From the last decade, we are recognized as one of the best Long Island law firms and have gained great acclamation from the clients all over in Long Island.


Wills, trusts and estates

Death is a reality of life and it is crucial to be prepared for the worst. A Will is actually a legal document that includes the last wishes of an individual. It may also include statements or directions about the appropriate way to distribute assets or estates. Our wills, trusts and estates Long Island lawyer possess years of experience in drafting wills and trusts for the needful people all over in Long Island. We recommend and encourage people like you to create wills and estates at the earliest possible time.

By choosing us, you can expect:

  • Complete protection of your family by directing your assets personally to your children, spouse, or family members.
  • You can include the name of an executor in your will who will take charge after your death.
  • Our professional Long Island lawyer can help you in carrying out all your last wishes.
  • Eliminate long delays on settling down your estate by choosing us.
  • Appoint your own guardian and name your beneficiaries.

Do not wait anymore instead call our expert attorney Long Island in order to eliminate the hassles that may arise due to personal injury, divorce, wills and estates.