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Divorce and family law is quite complicated to understand due to various laws and technicalities involved with child custody, child support, distribution of assets etc.  At the Law Office of Tzvi Y. Hagler, P.C we specialize in this complex and inticate area and  have vast experience dealing in such issues in Long Island, New York. By understanding the intricate needs accorded to each  certain case, we utilize our experience to provide quick but effective solutions. As we provide our services in Long Island, we are well informed about the each client’s rights in as realted to marriage, divorce, assets and obviously children. Our attorneys are always eager to follow everything that quickly becomes a new norm in Long Island.

Optimal guidance

Various assets and aspects such as property, child support, retirement planning, debt, taxes and numerous financial issues are actually concerned with divorce law. By hiring a knowledgeable attorney from  the Law Office of Tzvi Y. Hagler, P.C, we can help you in making right decisions at every move throughout the whole process. Client’s satisfaction is our only objective while working at the office of Long Island.

We believe in thorough case evaluation before working on the project and it really help us in attaining certain objectives. Apart from providing desired results, we ensure the accurate and equitable distribution of all the marital assets if applicable.

Uncontested divorce

Are you looking for uncontested divorce? Well, uncontested divorce is actually a process in which dissolution of marriage is resolved without litigating in court. In such kind of cases, our Long Island divorce and family law attorneys ensure both  parties  agree at a mutual divorce along with custody and visitation and the assets being divided equally. As far as child support issue is concerned, our attorneys are experienced in dissolving such issues as well and  peacefully.

Our divorce law attorneys are highly knowledgeable and excellent communicators for dissolving such complex cases without any confrontations.

Get favorable results

We understand the financial crisis that may happen at one or both partners. Therefore, we believe in equitable distribution and spousal support.. According to state’s divorce and family law, equitable distribution is mandatory but lot more depends upon mutual decision as well. Here comes the role of our experienced attorneys as they are excellent human beings when it comes to pacifying both parties at one mutual decision.

Our lawyers are well informed about both legal & residential custody which helps incredibly in resolving the child custody like issues. We understand the complexity of this principle and thus mold the issue carefully to provide best results to our clients.

Other issues

Visitation is the next constraint right after resolving the issue of child custody. However, our divorce law attorneys ensure the favorable decision and our proven track record is the certificate of their commitment and dedication towards work.

Are you looking for appropriate maintenance or child support to support yourself and your child? If Yes then you have come at right place. We are expert in providing accurate maintenance and child support for the good future of your child.

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